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Announcing the 2018 Flying Piston Charity Program @ Sturgis

 2017 Flying Piston Charity Program

CHARITY NUMBER 1 – This year, The Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast is reaching out to Motorcycle Missions, a 501©3 non profit based in Austin, Texas, that helps people suffering from PTSD find hope and healing through motorcycles. Its founder, Krystal Hess, discovered the positive effects of immersion in motorcycling during her own journey with PTSD and credits her own biking mentors for her personal accomplishments. Their influence prompted her to start Motorcycle Missions.

Motorcycle Missions has two main components. The Build Mentorship program partners with an Austin-area shop and draws upon donations to teach hands-on skills, encourage group camaraderie, and set life-purpose parameters. Participants meet weekly at current partner Cycle Refinery where there’s access to tools, lifts, welding equipment, and hands-on instruction from start to finish. ( This completed bike is set for display at the Republic of Texas Rally June 8-11, later to be sold or auctioned to finance the next build.

Bikers providing a hand up – The Flying Piston Charity Program

The second component of MM is Project MX, a motocross program hosted at the MX Factory west of Austin that provides motorcross riding skills to trauma-scarred veterans and first responders, helping them work through frustrations and fears. ( Research in PTSD indicates that camaraderie, shared mission, and the intense release of adrenaline all help to mitigate symptoms. See images from the April 1 event here:


Individuals must apply to both programs. More at:

 2017 Flying Piston Charity Program

Auction Items

  1. Atomic Bob & Sarabelle - Art from Atomic Dice Studio Arts
  2. Heather New of New-Line Engraving / Suspension Technologies Shocks
  3. Atomic Bob - Original Art
  4. Harley-Davidson Footwear
  5. Smoke Out Rally tickets

Get your tickets now

Breakfast tickets are extremely limited to ensure attendees have the best experience and are on sale now for only $20 each. Click here to purchase your breakfast. Remember, proceeds benefit two non-profits that train and encourage U.S. military veterans suffering from PTSD to pursue motorcycling as a career. We’re all better off for the success of these efforts.

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